We shift perspectives.

Through experiential story-telling, creative collaborations,
and meaningful content, we help you navigate the future space – and find your purpose within it.

1 Our Story

All you see is not all there is.

ColourFeel was born from the idea that the most powerful elements shaping our lives – ideas, emotions, time, stories – all exist in the realm of the unseen. Yet, the strains of modern, material life often distract and disconnect us from what matters most.

Founded by writer and curator Liam Aldous, ColourFeel cultivates creative time with immersive, inspirational and introspective experiences in storied locations around the world. Our special events, company off-sites, team-building activities, curated travel, brand collaborations and meaningful content provide sanctuary from the demands of daily routines, helping people to connect, reflect, strategise, and find solutions.

Based in the Balearic Islands but operating all over the world, ColourFeel is grounded by the importance of time and space, connected to energy and place. We help people grasp and garner meaning from the much bigger picture.

2 Our Visual Journey

3 What We Do


We tell compelling stories – and place you right in the heart of them. By layering more thought, attention-to-detail, and our unique sensibility to each company's needs, we ensure rewarding outcomes that endure. We’ve taken a tech start-up to the desert to reflect on authenticity in an increasingly artificial world. We took Nike to Tbilisi, Georgia, to engage with the creative class incubating a cultural revolution in the city's subversive clubbing scene. In 2019, we invited a group of brand directors and marketing executives to Ibiza, to help define 2020 on their own terms. ColourFeel always works to define a specific intention; designing bespoke experiences that inspire team-building, future planning, the opening of minds, and shifting of perspectives.

Inspiration Tours

Popular with brand executives, design teams, artists, marketing directors, and film producers, our inspiration tours are deep curated dives into the creative culture of vibrant cities, towns, or entire regions. From sating the gastronomic scene of Madrid, meeting the emerging fashion designers of Tbilisi or discovering the abstract art history of Cuenca, we do the groundwork to connect clients with the people and places they are looking for; inspiring new ideas, connections, and future paths. Contact us to find out more.

Rituals, Ceremonies & Celebrations

From the serious and serene to more playful party settings, ColourFeel adds extra layers of depth, story-telling and energy. We believe in designing events that connect with people in IRL rather than simply revolving around an image made for social media. Inspiring conversation, emotional connection, and memorable experiences are our specialties.

Brand Collaborations

Because we believe in the importance of real-world experiences before made-for-social-media digital reflections, our brand collaborations focus on connecting with real people. For us, de-virtualisation means putting the feelings and considerations of people first, while still harnessing technology in a way that enriches the lived experience. More than ever, people expect more from corporate players - and we have plenty of ideas on how to make marketing more meaningful. Ask us how.

Curated Travel

The travel paradigm has changed. But the things we yearn for when we travel - a sense of discovery, forging new connections, finding perspective, a place to replenish self - are more salient than ever. We curate travel experiences that go beyond mere material pleasures. An alchemy of our accumulated experience, global connections, and our story-teller’s heart, we curate personal trips that help you meet local characters, access secret places, and connect to a destination far beyond the surface.

Creative Leave

To provide a sanctuary from the sense of upheaval currently gripping the world, ColourFeel hosts a rotating series of escapes at different times of the year. Located in characterful houses surrounded by nature In Ibiza, we curate an optional programme to connect guests with the island’s most eminent experts, healers, and cultural treasures. Write to us if you want to learn more about our ongoing winter retreat: 'La Casita' - a creative, healing, holiday escape in a forest, atop a hill, on the island of Ibiza.

Introspective Items

Coming soon, our ‘experiences in a box’, allow individuals and pairs to embark on introspective journeys on their own. A riposte to a tourism model that lost its soul long ago, our 'Interactive Guides' facilitate more meaningful human connections while our 'Future Walks' weave together the contours of the wilderness with stories that unlock personal reflection; helping participants to step into the future with renewed purpose.

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5 Content

The ColourFeel Digital Dispatch

During the first lockdown of 2020 we created the ColourFeel Digital Dispatch: an occasional, enduring, and inspirational resource for our growing community. Full of ideas and insights from the experts who have edified us, each volume included accessible tools to guide people and material with meaningful questions to help shift perspectives and embolden decisions. Unlike any newsletter, our Digital Dispatch is designed to stay relevant and resonate far into the future.

Interactive Guides, Ibiza

Activating magical locations and their secret stories is our specialty, our interactive guides provide a gateway to people and places - otherwise off-limits - giving people a space to connect while also shining a light on Ibiza's more sustainable, future path. More detail announced soon.

Future Walks, Ibiza

Launching Soon

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ColourFeel continues to believe that the only way to survive dislocating times is through more creativity, elevated conversation, and meaningful connections.
This is something that can only be done together.

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